Location: Tampa Bay, Hosting in St Petersburg, Florida
E-mail: realvickyvixxx@gmail.com
Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Curvy
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SUPER hot. Very friendly, easy to communicate with, and very giving with respect to her time and talents for her loyal fans. Our Vegas session was easy to set up and she gave me everything I wanted and then some!! Vicky has a tiny frame, but her scissors were surprisingly strong and she made me tap over and over. GORGEOUS. Great conversation, she put me at ease from the moment I arrived and I was sad when it was time to go, but would definitely book with Vicky again.


Vicky quite literally has perfect feet. The taste, the smell, they are so soft, perfect toes as well. The session was absolutley amazing. About 2 weeks ago I had reached out by email to vicky about a session. She replied very quickly and was very easy to communicate with. Due to my lack of prepardness we had to reschedule but vicky was very understanding and booked a new day for the session very quickly. Upon arriving and beginning the session, I was just in awe, she knows just what to say and just what do to make you go crazy for her feet. Not to mention how gorgeus she is in person. Again her feet ARE PERFECT. I can't recommend her enough. She also delivered exactly what I wanted. I will definitley be scheduling another session very soon! :)


Vicky is very professional when it comes to Fetish and dominant session. She makes you do all the fetish work and meets whatever you are looking for.

I definitely recommend Vicky Whoever is looking to be dominated and wants anything in a fetish session.


Vicky was amazing. She was very easy to talk to and accommodating to my last minute session request. As a first timer, I was a little hesitant and shy about talking about my fetish, but she made it easy. The session went well and she was very personable (when not in character). She also was creative and helped me explore my fantasies. I didnt feel like she was just trying to draw money out of me. I highly recommend her.

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vicky vixxx

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Wow, what an incredible session I had with VV. She truly is a professional. From the moment I met her, she was polite, down-to-earth, and extremely open and accommodating. The booking process for my fantasy/scissoring session was extremely smooth and simple. In addition, she offers video recording for half or all of your session, and let's you keep a copy of it. Not sure if this is common practice or not, but this is the ONLY time I've seen this advertised, and it's one of the reasons her profile caught my eye. The entire experience was lovely (although she roughed me up pretty good), she fulfilled all of my requests and kept my confidentiality secret throughout the filming process (I was wearing a beanie over my face!). I cannot recommend her enough. Please, if she is nearby, do yourself a favor and book a session with her ASAP. You won't regret it.


I had a great session with Goddess Vicky Vixxx!
She had everything I was looking for, and she really knew what I was looking for.
Her arms and legs are much stronger than they look, so becareful what you wish for;)!
She is very professional in what she does, she was very friendly but also had a very dominant side.
I would highly recommend Vicky, If you have a chance to do a session with her I would definitely take it!

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vicky vixxx

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I had a great time today with Goddess Vicky Vixxx!
We had a awsome session, she really knew what I was looking for.
She was very nice and friendly, but she also had a very dominant side, so becareful what you wish for:)
Her legs and arms are much stronger than they look, everytime I was in a scissorhold or chokehold I was begging her.
I would highly recommend a session with Goddess Vicky, she is very professional and knows exactly what you are looking for.


I had a session today with Vicky Vixxx and had to post about it. First off, getting a session was easy. I have a few requests/preferences when I session that Vicky catered to. She was very open and easy to speak with.

I met Vicky for a ballbusting session with some face sitting mixed in. She adorned tight pleather like leggings with a sports bra. Her legs looked strong and I was reassured of that when she started kicking my balls. I won't cover all of the salacious details but will say she took control and kept it the entire time. She had power and accuracy!

The face sitting was amazing! I can still imagine looking up and seeing her perfect form. She had a firm body that was perched beautifully on my face.

I recommend anybody to session with Vicky Vixxx. Her personality and experience are definitely worth it. Thank you Vicky V for our session!

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vicky vixxx

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I had the pleasure of sessioning with Vicky in Tampa. She was on time, communicated exceedingly well, and dressed quite lovely. I had a lot of fun with Vicky. Vicky is a classy, educated woman open to making your fantasies come true. I enjoyed my time with her.



Vicky Vixxx is a wonderfully grounded yet very professional person that I have had the honor of meeting. Her communication is superb from the start. Even if you, like me, aren’t sure how sessions go, she politely walked me through all the necessary details. She kept open and consistent communication from months out until the moment we met. If you are a fan of her work she is so much more beautiful in person than you can imagine and that is saying something. That means little to how warm her personality is. She greeted me, sat and chatted with me to get a feel for each other. She took the initiative to get things going as I was honestly a bit hesitant. Our session was fluid, effortless, and fun. Her conversation is genuine and kind and playful and we quickly developed a rapport that made me comfortable and more daring. We explored my varying fetishes and I could not have been happier with how our session went. Her skills are everything you could wish for. Vicky has a way of making a session feel like you are with a play partner you’ve known forever and that is an amazing quality. From the first email to saying goodbye post-session, Vicky Vixxx is a brilliant professional who deserves the highest respect and admiration. I will absolutely see her again!


I just had a session with Goddess Vicky in South Florida. I loved how easy it was to schedule the session and she responds very quickly. We did a sensual domination/wrestling session with foot worship and bondage. She is amazing at tyiing you up. I was unable to move at all even if I really wanted to. The session was very enjoyable and what differentiates her from other dommes is that she tries to understand what you are looking for and make it an an enjoyable experience. You can also tell that she enjoys what she does too which makes it even better. I would definitely book another session with her and highly recommend her.


I had a session with Vicky on her most recent trip to Denver and I must say I had a great time. To prove it, I don't write much of these but I feel compelled to do so...My session involved more sensual wrestling (head scissors, etc.) and by the end of it found myself wanting more. I would highly recommend Vicky...I know I will meet up with her the next time our paths cross the same city. Not only because she is talented....but she is beautiful and fun. And I should mention....other professionals in this industry should take a page out of Vicky's book in terms of scheduling. As long as you are serious about booking with Vicky....it was very easy to do so.


I recently had a session with goddess Vicky in Tampa. She's the perfect mix between sensual domination and a true sadist. Her scissors are far more crushing then what you would think just looking at her. She offers more when it comes to fetish and domination then most others. The whole process from the first email I sent her to the follow up email she sent me after the session was over was effortless. BOOK THIS GODDESS!


I met with Goddess Vicky early this year and it could not have been a better experience. She is a beautiful professional who had me whimpering between her cruel scissors. Clearly, I had bitten off more than I could chew, but it was worth being put through the fire to be worthy of worshiping her. Mentally, she knew exactly what I wanted before even telling her. Highly recommended if you are looking for a beautiful, domineering Goddess that will enjoy watching you cry in her scissors!

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