Location: Alicante, Spain
Skype: https://vikinga.vikinga91
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 3

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Soy una chica muy fuerte, participé en concursos de acondicionamiento físico, entrené todos los días en el gimnasio desde hace mucho tiempo y tengo mucha energía. Me encanta dominar a los hombres y tenerlos bajo mi control. Disfrutar de mis brazos y piernas mientras intentamos impartirlo para liberarte pero no puedes. Puedo ser tan malvado como desees. Te apretaré con mis tijeras hasta que pidas misericordia. Con mis músculos puedo hacerte muchas cosas y hacer que tus deseos se hagan realidad. Hablo español, portugués y poco inglés, así que si escribes en inglés usaré un traductor en línea.

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18 febrero Barcelona. 27 28 febrero milano Italia. 6 marzo Frankfurt. 29 marzo Londres 1 abril Copenhagen. 16 17 abril Paris. I ask for advance reservations for sessions.

I just had the most marvellous session with Vikinga in Sweden. She has a magnificently proportioned body, rich in muscle and yet free of drugs and implants. Muscle worship is great, but her scissors and sleeper-holds are deadly, and show the power that her hard work in the gym has generated. She may not speak good English, but she is so charming and so ardent that, with the occasional help of Google Translate, all ends well! Vikinga is also very reliable in setting up her appointments and I for one appreciate her efficiency.


I booked lift and carry session with her. It was fancy but she cut off from my time a lot... I arrived 15 minutes late due to the lack of transportation... She tried to finish it 10 minutes ago and during the session, we talked more than lifting... The ones who wanna book a session from her, I reccomend to preserve rights of time a lot...


Hi, I am very sorry for your comment and surely I have many sessions and after you had another person so if you are late I can not delay my other client. Concerning what we were talking about this is not true since I am very correct in my work. It is very easy to put a review without identifying you then I offer you a free session if you send me an email and you identify yourself. Thanks, tani.

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