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viper max


Location: Cork, Ireland

Member for about 2 years
Last logged in: 07/05/2020


Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

Hey I’m Viper Max, and like a viper, I’m quick, perceptive and at times… venomous! I have previously done boxing, but I now like all types of wrestling – from fantasy to competitive. Whether it’s a playful rumble with some good banter, or a competitive match that gets the heart pumping, I put my everything into it. I enjoy meeting new people and travelling while doing something that I love. I train hard at the gym, and wrestling only further brings out my inner warrior. Expect the unexpected.

Note: I dont do topless, and I dont do facesitting. I ask for deposits from anyone who wants to book a session with me and there are no exceptions.



Services Offered

Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
In-Gym Training


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-07-2020 07-18-2020 Amsterdam Netherlands
7 - 18 July - Amsterdam Deposit required for all sessions Double session available with Kat Max 7-9 July

Had a wrestling session with Viper. I am a scissor type of guy and Viper is definitely one of mine favorite wrestlers. She knows how to talk to you and squeeze you. She LOVES muscle worship and force you if she has to. Viper has a phenomenal physique, for real.


Session Review with Viper Max

I met Viper Max for a session a couple of days ago, (july 2018).
Setting up the session with her was pretty simple, a few of mails, everything set without problem.
Some phone communication on the same day of the session, and I was ready to roll.

I was a little nervous, as always before meeting a new wrestler, but Viper Max is very friendly, has a sweet voice, and makes you feel welcome from the start.
Viper Max is gorgeous and she is easy to talk to.
From the start, Viper Max just blew me away, her looks, her size, her strength….
Viper Max is a beautiful looking woman with a great body and great attitude towards the session.
I always look for a combination of wrestling skill, strength, well defined muscles, friendly personality and beauty. That’s Viper Max for me.

I was thinking I would have a chance against her, think again!
Viper Max beat me up fair and square, because I believe she is not what she looks like….
For me, Viper is a mix of hit girl / fitness woman / barbie wrestling doll….
Viper Max is pretty strong for her size, don’t let her looks fool you.
I was left in no doubt that she is better than me and when she put me in her holds,
I stood little chance of escape (and believe me I tried!), and I was most of the time on my back doing defensive moves during our session.
All this followed by a good laugh and a good line of trash talk (which I enjoyed very much and found super sexy).

She constantly speaks to remind you that you have no chance to escape and to tell you what she will do with you… and she really gets into your head 
I tried to use the same tactic on her but it didn’t work…

I guess there are worse ways to suffer than when Viper Max herself is taking care of you!
I think it was a great mix of pain and pleasure at the same time.

She's a good wrestler and she wiped the mat with me but she always kept that friendly attitude. She is indeed lovely ;-)
It’s easy to get distracted by her, because she is jumping and moving around all the time ready for her next move.

I would recommend her if you want to have an energetic, fun and sweaty session.
If Viper Max comes to your city, without a doubt, BOOK HER, you would have a great time and you won’t regret it.
I recommend 100% ;-)
Cedric B.

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