Location: Frankfurt, Germany
E-mail: warrior.amazon.wrestler@gmail.com

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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 31

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Wer glaubt ich wäre eine leichte Gegnerin, den werde ich eines Besseren belehren! Ich mache seit Jahren intensives Training. Ich trainiere wöchentlich hart verschiedene Kampfstile:

Brasilianer Jiu Jitsu / Ringen / Grappling / Boxen / Thaiboxen


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-26-2020 02-07-2020 Frankfurt am Main Germany
02-08-2020 02-08-2020 Budapest Hungary
02-09-2020 02-16-2020 Dubai United Arabian Emirates
In Budapest available double sessions with Sheena

So, yesterday I had the honor to meet Warrior Amazone.
We met up at a hotel in Copenhagen, and I was having a go at her because she had stolen my girlfriend.
I can only say that I have had 3 sessions so far, with 3 different wrestlers and Amazon was by far the best ! :)

She is friendly, really funny and makes you feel comfortable within a second. She even gave me a slight discount because I had to travel for 3 hours, and has been amazing in the communication and warming you up with some trash talk over the chat beforehand.
She is strong, and managed to do everything from bearhugs, to scissors, to camel clutches and loads of facesitting. I had to give up and she won the girlfirend. I will definitely meet her again to take revenche :) ha ha...she is strong, great body , very beautiful and just a great person and very nice and easy to talk to about all kinds of things! Thanks again miss! :)


I recently had a session with Warrior Amazone in Antwerp. You all know her excellent reputation and after meeting her, I’m happy to say that she completely deserves all the praise she gets!
She is a true professional, so setting up the session with her was easy, swift and well organised.
We agreed upon a mixture of wrestling and domination and she delivered on both fronts.
Warrior takes pride in her skills, and rightly so. During the wrestling parts I was completely outclassed. She didn’t even had to try very hard (But I’m planning to work on my skills and cardio level in order to make her at least sweat a bit in subsequent sessions!)
She has a vast arsenal of moves: Classic wrestling, BJJ, Pro-wrestling? You name it and Warrior absolutely delivers!
It is also apparent that she loves wrestling greatly, and she makes sure that you enjoy the session too. She has a knack for tailoring the intensity of the session to what you want.
And there’s even more. Apart from all the muscle and skills, she is very easy to talk to and posesses a vibrant and fun personality. I genuinely enjoyed her company and our time together!
I really don’t understand why anyone would pass up on an opportunity to meet her, but unfortunately she had some no-shows during her stay. Their loss, my gain, as I was able to book another session the next day :)
They call Antwerp the diamond capital of the world. So in a way it was fitting that I met her there, because she is also a real gem and a treasure to the session world!


I emailed warrior amazon about a l&c session and some light mixed wrestling and then found out she was touring with sheena. So i booked an with both . They are both the loveliest women in the session world. Both delivered all the lifts i asked for. Sheen is to me more stronger . Her thighs are all muscle. She also did a torture rack on my 190lb ass. Hope they tour the usa again. Thankyou ladies . The yellow rose.....

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