Location: Frankfurt, Germany
E-mail: fastamazone@yahoo.de

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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Wer glaubt ich wäre eine leichte Gegnerin, den werde ich eines Besseren belehren! Ich mache seit Jahren intensives Training. Ich trainiere wöchentlich hart verschiedene Kampfstile:

Brasilianer Jiu Jitsu / Ringen / Grappling / Boxen / Thaiboxen


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
08-18-2019 08-19-2019 Vienna Austria
08-19-2019 08-21-2019 Amsterdam Netherland
09-02-2019 09-04-2019 Madrid Spain
09-04-2019 09-06-2019 Valencia Spain
09-06-2019 09-08-2019 Zurich Switzerland
09-09-2019 09-10-2019 Freiburg Switzerland
09-10-2019 09-11-2019 Munich Germany
09-11-2019 09-16-2019 Budapest Hungary
09-16-2019 09-18-2019 Milan Italy
09-18-2019 09-20-2019 Rome Italy
09-23-2019 09-25-2019 Helsinki Finland
09-25-2019 09-27-2019 Stockholm Sweden
09-27-2019 09-29-2019 Oslo Norway
09-29-2019 09-30-2019 London United Kingdom
10-01-2019 10-04-2019 New York New York United States
10-05-2019 10-06-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
10-07-2019 10-10-2019 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
10-11-2019 10-13-2019 Chicago Illinois United States
10-14-2019 10-15-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
10-16-2019 10-17-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
10-19-2019 10-19-2019 Baltimore Maryland United States
10-20-2019 10-20-2019 Washington DC District of Columbia United States
10-21-2019 10-22-2019 Charlotte North Carolina United States
10-23-2019 10-24-2019 Miami Florida United States
10-25-2019 10-28-2019 Cuba Cuba
10-29-2019 10-30-2019 Dallas Texas United States
10-31-2019 11-01-2019 Houston Texas United States
11-02-2019 11-04-2019 Las Vegas Nevada United States
11-05-2019 11-07-2019 San Francisco California United States
11-08-2019 11-16-2019 Los Angeles California United States

Met Amazone In odense First Then in Copenhagen to film she is intense and Good natured and a lot of Smiles and humor And She broke my Content making Cherry and she is such a beautiful Amazing person and I Had So much fun


What does "She broke my Content making Cherry" mean??


I met Katia (warrioramazone) in Egypt ,I get very nice session , she is real woman besides she is profficional wrestler, so friendly so kind very beautiful , when a session starts I was under her power I taste new kind of pain , I was painful so controlled under her attractive felexible body but I liked it and lately she danced on my helpless body I hope to meat her always and anyone do session with her will have effect on his feeling that I can't explain it accurately with words ,I will still have special fealing to her ,
Thank you Katia!

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