Location: Frankfurt,
E-mail: warrior.amazon.wrestler@gmail.com
Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 32
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Last week i had my first session in Amsterdam with warrior amazone. I am verry happy i have chosen her for my first session. I asked for some mixed wrestling/grappling with some scissoring. The messages via mail where verry clear and good! When i arrived i was a little nervous, but when we where inside it was just five minutes before i felt really nice by her. We talked a bit before the session and then we started to wrestle, She directly sweep me to the ground and controlled me verry good. She did some BJJ chockes, armbars and some scissors what all where verry thight and good, she let me tap really fast:). We also talked during the session. I had some light experiënce in grappling what was verry fun, because during the session she gave me some verry good tips to use against her. Also her scissors where so good, there is no way you can get out of these:). To be clear: my first session was amazing and i definetly can recommend Warrior Amazon and next year i will book a new session with here for sure!!!


Warrior, warrior, thanks again! Today I had my 3rd session with her! We are talking a lot and it all goes very natural and not awkward at all! She's super friendly, gave me a discount due to an injury, so I couldn't do much. It was still fun anyway! She's so kind and easy going and definitely the boss om the mats! No one would regret a session with her! Thanks again! And merry Christmas! Book her as soon as you have the chance!


My session with Warrior Amazon in Warsaw was my first mixed wrestling experience and I am very happy I chose her for my first time. She is very communicative (good english), friendly and I was feeling very comfortable with her from the beginning. We talked a bit before, after and during the session and found many different common topics that made the session even more comfortable - mentally. Physically - she is a very beautiful woman with nice smile and silky smooth skin, but at the same time very strong - under that skin are strong muscles. Also very experienced tehcnical grappler. She overpowered me completely once she put me in a hold and it was almost impossible for me to put a hold on her and make her stay in it. She knows many BJJ moves which, when applied, will make you tap in seconds. But also she was able to overpower me with the pure strength. She has a wonderful balance - it is very hard to put her out of it. Her legs are very strong - she was able to make me tap in a matter of seconds when she put me in regular scissors - front, reverse, side, figure fours - depending what type, usually it was between 3 and 10 seconds.
I dont' have much wrestling experience but I can definitely recommend Warrior Amazon - I am very glad that I met her for a session and you won't be dissapointed too!


I had session with her in Poland. I can highly recommend this wrestler. She is very good in mma and grapling,she doesn't afraid to fight and to receive punches and kicks. I will definitely book a session again.


I've met Warrior Amazon this week, while she was in Warsaw for the first time. It was my second session, so I was still kind of stressed. I asked for wrestling session mixed with some martial arts beatdown. We exchanged A LOT of e-mails, which is probably not very common, but we had some kind of connection from the beginning and we just liked it, it wasn't forced. I just felt that she cares about the customer in order to provide the best quality experience, and I can't say it about all girls I previously exchanged messages with. When we met, we also talked a lot, she is very communicative and she speaks english very well. Most of all, she is smart, funny and kind, the kind of girl you just like to meet and spend time with. As if that was not enough, she has a smoking hot toned body that can drop you on your knees without even laying a finger on you. When we finally started to wrestle, her advantage was more than obvious - she used her wrestling skills to apply some holds, chokes and armbars and she smiled and taunted me just a little. When we move our "fight" up from the ground, she started to kick and punch me using her MMA, boxing, taekwondo and muay thai skills (she likes to use her elbows!), which was very fun experience, but be aware not to underestimate her strength. Even the kick she calls "soft" can hurt you and I really do not want to know what "hard kick" means to her ;) You can find a lot of reviews of sessions with her and all of them are correct: absolutely lovely personality and beautiful physics are deadly combination :) Higly recommended, no matter if you are experienced or a beginner, just be kind and polite and you will be rewarded with the fun session with amazing Amazon.


Due to covid-19 my trip to Germany was unfortunately canceled. However, Warrior Amazone was able to conduct a session online and it was by far the best online session Ive ever had. She really gave me a great experience. At the start, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from online sessions but She was Very easy to communicate with throughout the whole session setup and Session it self. Hopefully I get to book with her in person soon.


Highly recommend!


I had my first session ever with Warrioramazone during one of her trips to Stockholm, Sweden with rage shieldmaiden.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from it. But she was reasonable and we talked a bit. She was easy to communicate with in her emails. Altho she had some problems with her previous customer who ended up not paying. So about half the time she watched her phone. I understand her frustration but that should not be at the cost of my time. Which I paid for beforehand.

But the session was ok. I would consider session with her again if she comes back.


Warrioramazone is the nicest session girl you will ever meet. She is genuinely friendly and loving.

I was talking a lot of shit before the session and she returned the favour and that voice! She sounds so innocent and harmless but half way through the session she started to really dominate and knocked me out cold three times once in a figure4 and twice in a reverse headscissor. Even in that moment I was so relaxed because she was always cuddling me after :)

Highly recommend!


So, yesterday I had the honor to meet Warrior Amazone.
We met up at a hotel in Copenhagen, and I was having a go at her because she had stolen my girlfriend.
I can only say that I have had 3 sessions so far, with 3 different wrestlers and Amazon was by far the best ! :)

She is friendly, really funny and makes you feel comfortable within a second. She even gave me a slight discount because I had to travel for 3 hours, and has been amazing in the communication and warming you up with some trash talk over the chat beforehand.
She is strong, and managed to do everything from bearhugs, to scissors, to camel clutches and loads of facesitting. I had to give up and she won the girlfirend. I will definitely meet her again to take revenche :) ha ha...she is strong, great body , very beautiful and just a great person and very nice and easy to talk to about all kinds of things! Thanks again miss! :)


I recently had a session with Warrior Amazone in Antwerp. You all know her excellent reputation and after meeting her, I’m happy to say that she completely deserves all the praise she gets!
She is a true professional, so setting up the session with her was easy, swift and well organised.
We agreed upon a mixture of wrestling and domination and she delivered on both fronts.
Warrior takes pride in her skills, and rightly so. During the wrestling parts I was completely outclassed. She didn’t even had to try very hard (But I’m planning to work on my skills and cardio level in order to make her at least sweat a bit in subsequent sessions!)
She has a vast arsenal of moves: Classic wrestling, BJJ, Pro-wrestling? You name it and Warrior absolutely delivers!
It is also apparent that she loves wrestling greatly, and she makes sure that you enjoy the session too. She has a knack for tailoring the intensity of the session to what you want.
And there’s even more. Apart from all the muscle and skills, she is very easy to talk to and posesses a vibrant and fun personality. I genuinely enjoyed her company and our time together!
I really don’t understand why anyone would pass up on an opportunity to meet her, but unfortunately she had some no-shows during her stay. Their loss, my gain, as I was able to book another session the next day :)
They call Antwerp the diamond capital of the world. So in a way it was fitting that I met her there, because she is also a real gem and a treasure to the session world!


I emailed warrior amazon about a l&c session and some light mixed wrestling and then found out she was touring with sheena. So i booked an with both . They are both the loveliest women in the session world. Both delivered all the lifts i asked for. Sheen is to me more stronger . Her thighs are all muscle. She also did a torture rack on my 190lb ass. Hope they tour the usa again. Thankyou ladies . The yellow rose.....


I recently had a session with a young lady and she met me outside. As we were heading to her apartment she mentioned that she was traveling with another young lady. The traveling partner was Warrior Amazone. I asked if I would see her there and she told me she would be around. When I got there she popped her head around the corner. She was sweet and absolutely beautiful!! Wow!!!! She passed through a number of times while I was getting my butt whipped by the other young lady. Then she decided she wanted to get in on the action. Let me tell you, if her beauty doesn’t take your breath away she’ll find MANY other ways to take your breath away. I was whining and she was loving it and enjoying my discomfort. Next stop to my town she’s a must see! Don’t let her pass by without seeing her!


So, had a session with warrior amazone this past Thursday night, late in fact and it was incredible!! Started out semi-comp, then 2 min in , I was at her mercy!! So, fantasy it is! After the facesitting, the smothering, the headscissors, etc that I endured, totally euphoric. Hour flew by, she had me in the palm of her hand, felt woozy afterwards, but with a smile on my face, and so did she. Get in contact with her, I think you’ll like her accent. Totally recommend!


So, had a session with Warrior Amazone this past Thursday night and it was incredible! I mean, we started off semi-comp, but that lasted about 2 min. Then, the smothering, facesitting, scissoring took place, and I couldn’t do anything about it! I was her at her mercy! It was great, euphoric! Seriously, get in contact with her, you’ll love that accent!


I met her in Oslo. Im abit shy, but she quickly made me feel very welcome and comfortable. She has a very nice personalty and are friendly and casual.
Her pictures are real, but dont do her justice. she is really beautiful.
You can tell she is strong when you see her physique, but still you will be very surprised when you feel it at the mats. Unbelievable strong! And very technical skilled fighter and wrestler. I had no chance and was totally overpowered, witch was exactly what i told her i was looking for.
Highly recommenced a session with Warrior Amazone if you get the chance!


A long overdue recommendation for this wonderful woman. Met her on her Irish stopover in July of 2019. She was hosted by the Max girls in a great location with plently of room to roll.

Warrior Amazone was just exceptional. I had a slight neck injury which I didn't want to aggrivate and she was more than accomodating to bring her skills down to my level. Even still she was so far ahead of me in skill, strenght, speed and energy that i could barely keep up.

There's a certain feeling you get when you know you've hit your limit and the session girl has barely broken a sweat. Warrior makes you feel that.

Superb to talk to between bouts, fantastic physique, strong as all hell Warrior Amazone is one of those rare women that "awesome" doesn't even begin to describe. If you're into wrestling and she's in your area you owe it to yourself to meet her.


Had a session with the WarriorAmazone when she was in NJ a few months ago.

She is a cute blonde, with a great physique. Although she was closing out her stay, she had great stamina and strength.

Her technique (at least from my inexperienced eyes) is great. She is not as strong as me (I am perhaps 30 or more pounds heavier), but she would win pretty much every grapple.

She is quite open minded about what goes on in a session and does dabble in rope bondage, which was a surprising experience.

I highly recommend the Warrior Amazone!


Met Amazone In odense First Then in Copenhagen to film she is intense and Good natured and a lot of Smiles and humor And She broke my Content making Cherry and she is such a beautiful Amazing person and I Had So much fun


What does "She broke my Content making Cherry" mean??


I met Katia (warrioramazone) in Egypt ,I get very nice session , she is real woman besides she is profficional wrestler, so friendly so kind very beautiful , when a session starts I was under her power I taste new kind of pain , I was painful so controlled under her attractive felexible body but I liked it and lately she danced on my helpless body I hope to meat her always and anyone do session with her will have effect on his feeling that I can't explain it accurately with words ,I will still have special fealing to her ,
Thank you Katia!


Had an amazing skype session with her she is so amazing and vibrant personality so Sweet and amazing Personality and looking forward to meeting her in Real life


Decided to have a session with warrior amazone, and i’m glad i did! Everything that’s been said about her is 100% accurate. Very warm, very witty, wants you to enjoy the session the whole way through. Pictures don’t do her justice, have to meet her in person! Good for competitive/semi-comp/ fantasy, truly a satisfying experience, check her out!


Just incredible! Her body is absolutely perfect, her skills are awe-inspiring, and she's such a warm, interesting and funny person!

Our competitive Boxing-Muay Thai-MMA match went south for me as we came down to the ground, where she just annihilated and then dominated me. Incredible. Watch out for those legs, they're lethal.
Her stand-up technique is extremely good as well, the only reason I had a chance was because I am 13cm taller than her. If that wasn't the case, I'd have been struck down in round two :D.

All in all, if this Amazon, this Valkyrie comes near you, go get a session with her. You won't regret it!


Exactly one week ago I had a session with Warrior Amazone. I was looking for a strong, skilled woman that could handle my 200 pounds of gym-trained muscle; I figured that a BJJ competitor like her would have been perfect. Besides, in the photos she looked really attractive...

It is so rare that reality manages to exceed our expectations: and this is exactly what happened. In person, she's not only drop-dead gorgeous, much more than in the photos, with a voluptuous and powerful body; she is also a serious, technical grappler that can whoop your ass as easily as she can break your heart with her radiant smile and beautiful eyes!

Despite having a serious weight advantage on her, I ended up getting submitted again and again with humiliating ease. She overpowered me without breaking a sweat, choking me out umerous times and poking fun at my inability at defending myself. She's not only skilled, but strong as hell, with tons of real-life functional strength: I was no match for her. It was a truly humbling experience, that I found highly sensual and exciting; at the same time, I felt I was in the hands of a serious professional, and I never feared for my safety.

After getting my body (and my male ego) soundly defeated by her for over an hour, I felt exhausted but happy of having chosen her as my "teacher". Her warm personality and playful attitude made my time with her even more memorable - she's not a clockwatcher, and talking with her is a pleasure. Higly recommended - no, make that ENORMOUSLY recommended. She's really the best out there!


I first met the warrior Amazon a few days ago, in a dream session twas gether with her friend Sheena.

When i first saw her the words “oh my god” were the only one I could think of.

Imagine a road, in one end of it stands the warrior amazon and in the other end- an M1A1 Abrams Tank. Now both are charging towards each other full speed - when they collide, the tank is out of service! She looks so powerful and dangerous, yet so feminine and sexy!

After a few seconds of action I realized that as powerful as she looks, she is even more powerful on the mats! I took the liberty to charge at her , but I ended just like that Abrams tank would- flying in the air , landing on my back and put in some deadly moves. In addition to her power, she is incredibly skilled as well. Her scissors are very powerful and she is super strong in her upper body as well.

In the breaks between the onslaughts she turned out to be a charming young woman who is fun to be around. I was very glad to meet the warrior Amazon and I’m looking forward for the next times, highly recommended!!


I wish to send a review of my double session whit this two beautiful girls from Germany, Rage and Warrior Amazon.

I meet them for a 1,5 hour session in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm in an apartment in the city.

I have requested a session there they would try to make be beg and tap for mercy, and some feet worship. I am if I can say not a small man, I am 1,80 high (around 5,9), and my weight is 95 kilos (around 187). We started whit 5 minutes one by one, after 5 they switch. It did only take me o few minutes to find out that I would not have a chance to one of them. They don’t look so strong but they are much stronger than they look. I did not have anything to say about, and that was only one by one. It was scissors, arm grip etc. I am not so familiar what every grip is called. I don’t remember how many times I had to, tap, beg and kiss feet for mercy, I did also have to request a short break a couple of times, I was exhausted.

After the session we was out for a nice dinner together. Rage and Warrior are two very nice and friendly girls, but on the mat, they are really dangerous. If you want to meet someone that is very skilled and strong, they are stronger than they look, trust me. You should meet them, bet be prepared to tap and / or beg for mercy. The day after the session it felt in my body that I have meet them.
A man from Sweden.


I had a fantastic session yesterday (nov, 2018)with warrior amazone.
She's a pretty nice humouros young lady. We had a couple of matches and it seemed that I may a bit stronger than her but never had a chance due to her great techniques and skills. She's very well trained with different fighting sports and extremely flexible. If you think, there is no way for her to move out from a grip, you'll be surprised immediately.
Thanks a lot for a wonderful session and looking forward for a revenge match next month.:))


I had a session with Warrior Amazone this week. It was awesome! When she stood in front of me in fighting gear, I just knew it would be very hard to give her some resistance. She is very strong, very quick and knows how to handle someone on the mats. At the start she was easy on me, quickly measuring me up, but she got me firmly in her grip almost immediately. And when she has a grip on you, there is no way out. I tried desperately to break free, but did not have any kind of chance. After a few attempts she transformed her grip into an armbar, and later on a choke or even a “simple” crushing bodyscissor with her legs. Her legs are amazing by the way. She uses them to control you, sweep you or even keep you away from getting a grip on her. When you’re in my guard, you cannot hurt me, she said. We had about 15 or 20 little matches and I lost all of them. I only once had her arm in a grip and tried to control her, but she turned the tables on me a few moments later. She is a very kind and warm person. During the session there was time for me to catch my breath or drink some water. All holds she applied were with great precision and absolute safe. She knew exactly how much pressure to use and a simple tap was enough to release. I was completely overpowered and still enjoying it when I think back about it. Warrior Amazone is the best and I highly recommend a session with her!


Just had a session with her this week. She is very strong and she has a very warm personality. She kicked my ass and meanwhile she was a total professional. She applied just enough pressure to make me submit not too much pressure to hurt me (while she was able to destroy me). She is even more beautiful than her photos, I am looking forward to my next session with her. I wish her the best.

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