Location: Orlando, Florida
E-mail: wrestlejcsimpson91@gmail.com

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Height: 5'11” - 180 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Hey guys. Im fit fetish model Jc. Ive been out of the industry for a while but Im back in training now and ready to kick ass. Think you have what it takes? 

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Hiya toys! Ill be in Manhattan Oct 21-23rd. Im looking to book the all day on the 22nd.. cant wait to get back up north email wrestlejcsimpson91@gmail.com. to book with me!

Today I had an amazing session with JC. She is so beautiful, tall, toned, athletic and above all sexy too. We started chatting and getting to know each other before the session and the ice was broken in a matter of seconds (if there was any to start with hehehe). We started grappling and let me tell you she is way , way stronger than I had expected. I mean those headscissors were so powerful. Once she gets her legs around your neck, there is no way to get out unless you tap out. I was tapping even before she started squeezing. We talked during the breaks and she is charming and full of energy specially when it comes to her dogs. I love pets in general and dogs specially so we had a connection the moment she started talking about them. I can go on describing how amazing was meeting JC and how fun it is to be around her and talk to her but in a nutshell she is a must for whoever visit Florida and has to session her. Thank you JC for an amazing time and it was a pleasure meeting you. Till next time :)

Philly Femdom

I recently shot for my clips4sale site Philly Femdom with JC, and it was absolutely incredible. JC Simpson is absolutely amazing. I could say so many great things about her, but I'll shorten it for you all.

JC is absolutely gorgeous. She is tall, fit, and has a perfect smile. She loved to make me stare into her eyes while she was knocking me out in her scissors, and let me tell you those eyes were some of my favorite things to get to see while I was going out and coming back. I can also say the same about her glutes, because I definitely got to stare into those while I was going out and waking up and it was so sexy my head almost burst.

JC is so friendly. We got to chat and have drinks and snacks together before our session, and she was just so personable and cool right off the bat. As we kept chatting I started to show her other videos I've done, and she quickly started putting me into the holds I showed her just to show me she could do it better. And she was clearly having so much fun and was so excited to do it. JC legitimately loves wrestling and choking men and it's written all over her face and personality. In our time together, we'd just be like taking a short break or chatting before or after the session and she'd just demand to put me into a scissorhold, and if I didn't agree she'd just force it and I loved that.

JC loves to KO men. If you ask her to do it to you, it'll happen! She'll make it happen so quickly you won't even feel it coming, but if you clearly are tapping or panicking she'll ease up on you. She had me knocked out many times without me even realizing it was happening, she'd just be cradling me with her legs or arms and staring into my eyes as I came back and realized what had happened.

This girl has the power, energy, and passion to give you any kind of intense session experience, and if you can't handle that, she's also happy to just make you tap out countless times.


Had my first session ever with JC and it was amazing. She is gorgeous and truly strong. I could not believe how strong she was in real life. She was able to beat me in armwrestling and pretty much destroyed me in wrestling. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a beautiful girl who is probably stronger than you are. Cannot wait to do it again.

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