Location: Greenville, South Carolina
E-mail: clareelbear@outlook.com
Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 23

Just had the most amazingg session with Claire! she is phenomenal in everyway. Shes beautiful, VEERY strong, sexy, good at what she does. The total package!

i'd booked a 30 minute session where she completely owns me physically and mentally with a mixture of jui jitsu techniques and then chokeholds like scissors, sleepers, etc with me not fighting back. we started out with jui jitsu and then moved on to the choking. we did not mean for it to happen but she put me to sleep twice during the chokeholds portion. I was pleasantly surprised when she knew what to do and took care of me after i went out, like resting my head on a pillow and lifting my legs up. it was an amazing experience! ive never gone to sleep before like that.

this girl has some serious crushing power! she really livs up to her profile. if youre looking to get crushed and dominated by a beautiful, unblieviably strong goddess Claire is the one for you. shes worth every penny, even if she is a bit pricey...


Not the quickest with her email, kind of odd for somebody so young. I don't expect IM speed but more than 48 hours isn't good.


If she's more into whooping guys than doing playful stuff that's fine, I'd even find that refreshing, but she should remove fantasy wrestling from her profile. Guys would have better expectations then.


(please add this on to the review i posted last night)

I thought about the session more in retrospect as i drove back home. i booked her for an hour (again, a mistake - i'd only recommend 30 mins) and ended the session at around 26 minutes into it. While i'd already reserved a full hour of her time, clare wanted absolutely nothing to do with me during our remaining 30 minutes. like i said before, i tried to start conversations with her after the grappling, but she basically ignored everything i was saying and started wiping down her mats and asked me to pack up my things and leave the room. thats pretty ridiculous and unprofessional because i paid for a full hour of her time. again, shes new so i can cut her some slack but i hope shes more client-friendly next time for her sake.

regarding the actual grappling part of the night: it was actually very fun action. i was basically hers to do with as she pleased, and my whole body in general espcially my legs are beyond sore today. if you want to go up against clare in even a somewhat competitive setting, you'll not only have to be strong but also able to endure a nasty beating


I just had the experience of being miss Clares first session in Charlotte, NC. While not necessarily the worst session ive had, she really is NOT for everyone. Ive sessioned a few years now and no shade thrown but, she should improve on her session persona if she wants to continue in this business. Let me explain further. This is a honest but respectful review

1. Her professionalism:
Aside from not being very responsive to emails (i had to almost pester her by forwarding my emails at least twice just to get her to respons), she can come off as cold and uncaring in her emails. She was professional and fair in person, but shes also a very strictly business, straihht to the point sessionnette. She basically wanted me to GTFO as soon as our business ended like i was an unwelcome rat. i also tried to strike up conversations before and during the session started but she seemed to insist on focusing on the wrestling.

2. Physical aspect:
As soon as i first saw here, i was absolutely stunned. She is immensely gorgeous. Clare is certainly beautiful more muscular and stronger than her pictjres show. and she definitely has tremendous strength and skill which i got a nice taste of during our 1 hour semicomp session (a huge mistake, i recommend’only 30 mins with her at most). It was where i could go all out in our wrestling, but she could only go maximum 50%. Even thogh i outweigh her by 20+ pounds, i knew from the start i didnt have a prayers chance against her even if i fought for my life. She is immensely strong and probably even more skilled than she lets on in her profile. Id be scared to see the damage she could do in a full competitive match. I’m of slightly above average fitness and i knew i was in for a world of hurt right after the first fall.

3. Attitude and personality
Like i said she can com across as blunt in her emails and she doesnt seem much different in person. She also doesnt seem to care much about your desires outside of the kind of match you want. The moment that made the session extremely unappealing was around half way thru the session when i told her about the pain in my rib and felt woozy( you *will* be very sore if youre not physically ready to take her on) and she literally shrugged and nonchalantly scoffed verbatum “then you should get that looked at.” I called it quits shortly after. Her attitude during the whole session wasnt exactly enticing. I felt like she acted she was superior because of her strength and everything. I thought it was only part of her act, but she just may be actually this cold and looking down on people in real life

4. Final thought
I over all somewhat enjoyed the session but there was much more to be desired from her. If you are looking for a legitimate match or a one-sided ass kicking with a very wellbuilt female athlete, clare is a good contender. But if youre looking for a session where you can enjoy the girl’s company as you take your time to take in the action, then you really should look elsewhere on the site. I was largely disappointed after reading her amazing profile, especially after i drove 2 hours to meet her halfway and agreeed to her rather high price (dont even bother trying to haggle). she really did seem to perfect to be true. Was she worth my time? Sort of. Was she worth the money? Not quite. Was she worth the sore ribs and pain in my shoulder ill feel this week??Definitely NOT...

Wrestling-wise I’d say she is like a combination of Riot and Jolene. She has the spunk and domineering, intimidating attitude of Riot and she has the strength and skill of Jolene. But a session with either one would still be much more worth your money than with clare. Shes new so I can cut her some slack, but she should improve on her delivery of her services. She could be fabulous if she did! Until then, i will likely not be seeing her again any time soon. In this business relationship with your client is everything. She deserves another chance, and i really hope she learns from this experience so i can get my ass kicked by a more likable Clare!

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