Location: Orlando, Florida
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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 205 lbs - 93 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 25

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I get asked all the time what is your favorite session. Honestly I enjoy them all for differennt reasons but like with anything in life you have tyour favorites. The thing that makes any session great is the guy I am having it with. But here are My Top 3 sessions for me

1.Smothering is NUMBNER 1  obviously. With my rear end and willingness to ignore taps you better be brave or tap fast. Nothing but darkenss when I smother you.

2. One sided Boxing. There is not much interest it seems in this but I love to throw punches. Boxing is something I am excited about and hope to take from this to semi comp as well

3. Semi Comp this really gets the competitive juices flpowing and the trash talking as well as I dominate you.






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I felt like she had very little energy. I asked if she would like a red bull or something. I don’t feel like she respected our time at all. The main selling point of her profile is that she will ignore taps. However the place where it comes from is very boring. When I saw her I felt like she just wanted the money and for me to leave. She also got a nasty cigarette hotel room.

Some times I would there across the room taunting her and she would not do ANYTHING. There were some good points during our session however I had to really try to create those moments to happen in those 2 hours. She can only use her scissors in short bursts and cant play with them because she doesn't work out at all. While giving me this mundane session she had the confidence to tell me she is a submissive like she was actually giving me a good session. Zoe come off as apologetic in her texts but when I met her I saw another dismissive side.

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The absolute only thing that is true about this review is about the hotel which I booked by mistake and wasn’t able to change my room. The entire time I was in this session he changed his mind as to what he wanted. As many of you know I DO ignore taps and do KOs. Sir I’m so sorry you were unhappy but that wasn’t my fault. You didn’t know what you wanted and wasn’t ready for the KO. When I would ignore your taps you screamed as though I was murdering you and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I’m not sure why you asked me to hang out with you afterwards if I wasn’t enough energy for you. So I feel the only reason you have put this up was because I politely declined your invitation. It is your right to post any review you want but I have the right as well to reply. I have never once been told I didn’t have enough energy. I have also never once had such an indecisive session. So please don’t post lies if you want to post a bad review. At least post the truth. I’m sorry I would also not give you a partial refund because you weren’t satisfied. I spent the entire 2 hours with you and I’m really very good at my job. I worked with you as much as possible. If I cared only about the money you Wouldn’t have seen me at all. I hope you have a good day. And one day you decide what session you truly want and a girl can give that to you.


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