Location: Orlando, Florida
E-mail: zoe.sessions00@gmail.com
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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 205 lbs - 93 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 25

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I get asked all the time what is your favorite session. Honestly I enjoy them all for differennt reasons but like with anything in life you have tyour favorites. The thing that makes any session great is the guy I am having it with. But here are My Top 3 sessions for me

1.Smothering is NUMBNER 1  obviously. With my rear end and willingness to ignore taps you better be brave or tap fast. Nothing but darkenss when I smother you.

2. One sided Boxing. There is not much interest it seems in this but I love to throw punches. Boxing is something I am excited about and hope to take from this to semi comp as well

3. Semi Comp this really gets the competitive juices flpowing and the trash talking as well as I dominate you.

 Heres my workout I been doing.  



15 min

Leg extension
35 lbs 10
40 lbs 10
45lbs 7

Seated leg press
130 lbs 10
135 lbs 10
140 lbs 10

Shoulder press
10 lbs 10 and 10
15 lbs 10 and 6
20 lbs 10 and 5

25 lbs 10 each leg
30 lbs 10 each leg
35 lbs 10 each leg

Hip abducion 
85 lbs 10
90 lbs 10
95 lbs 10

Chest press
25 lbs 10
30 lbs 10
35 lbs 10

Hip abducion
100lbs 10
105 lbs 10
110 lbs 10

Abdominal crunch
10 lbs 10
20 lbs 10
30 lbs 10

50 lbs 10
55 lbs 10
60 lbs 10

Prestige ab
50 lbs 10
55 lbs 10
60 lbs 10

Side weights
15 lbs 10
15 lbs 10
15 lbs 10

Bicep curl
10 lbs 10
15 lbs 10
20 lbs 10

Medicine ball bounce
5 lbs 2 min
5 lbs 1 min
5 lbs 1 min



Services Offered

Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Couples Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
02-25-2019 02-26-2019 Ft Lauderdale Florida United States
02-26-2019 02-27-2019 Sarasota Florida United States
03-05-2019 03-08-2019 Chicago Illinois United States
03-10-2019 03-11-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
03-16-2019 03-17-2019 Charlotte North Carolina United States
03-27-2019 03-28-2019 Houston Texas United States
03-28-2019 03-29-2019 Dallas Texas United States
03-29-2019 03-30-2019 San Antonio Texas United States
04-02-2019 04-03-2019 Reno Nevada United States
04-03-2019 04-04-2019 Los Angeles California United States
04-04-2019 04-05-2019 Seattle Washington United States
04-05-2019 04-06-2019 Portland Oregon United States
04-06-2019 04-10-2019 Salt Lake City Utah United States
04-10-2019 04-11-2019 Denver Colorado United States
04-11-2019 04-12-2019 Omaha Nebraska United States
04-12-2019 04-13-2019 Des Moines Iowa United States
04-13-2019 04-14-2019 Kansas City Missouri United States
04-14-2019 04-15-2019 St Louis Missouri United States


03-05-2019 - 03-07-2019
Zoe, Bettie Brickhouse and Clever the boxer

Offering Doubles with Bettie Brickhouse and Clevertheboxer on March 5th and 6th customs also available so get your orders in ASAP

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Had a session with Zoe on her short trip through NY, and as usual, fantastic!! It always feels like my head is like a grape, and more she squeezes my head between her thighs, we might just make wine at the end of it! But seriously, she strong and hard to bring down, and she’s got great balance. Her facesits, smothers, etc are all breathtaking! Because i’m literally gasping for air within seconds. Definitely recommend!


I just had my second session with Zoe in Wilkes-Barre, PA. We did a cross between a semi-competitive and competitive match. Zoe has a lot of natural strength and she's gaining more technical skill which makes her a very tough opponent. She's very stubborn in terms of giving up so she was able to wear me down while she maintained her stamina. At one point she had me in a headlock and i said "all's fair in love and mixed wrestling" and tried to tickle her to get out. Not only did that not work but she later made me regret saying that. Towards the end we were at a standstill when she decided to give me a few ball shots. She quickly got the upper hand and had me submitting for the last time. It was a lot of fun and i highly recommend Zoe.

Img 1715

I never give up! Lol

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