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Location: PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania
E-mail: girlzumba356@gmail.com

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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Curvy

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      Savvy and

Sadistically Sweet

Experience in being a Femme Domme 


Torture..🔥Please contact me a week in advance, and be prepared to leave a deposit 2 days before, or if your not sure, contact me and leave a deposit to secure a spot and if you cancel 4 days ahead of time, I will return your deposit through paypal. Thank you. ❤

My sessions can be as sweet as sugar or as brutal as they come, All in between tantalizes my senses, as I am an adrenaline junkie, Your pleasure is my pleasure, and I want you coming back for more....over and over. 

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Had a session with Zumbagirl and her friend Jade recently. This was my first time meeting her and Jade. It was one of the best sessions ever. Zumbagirl is very sexy looking when first meeting her. You might think she is too pretty to be that strong. Well I was wrong. Tried arm wrestling and she refused to lose no matter how hard I tried. The rest of the session was lite wrestling and a lot of teasing. VERY fun session. Having Jade there, who is also very enticing, made it twice the action and lot of role playing. They were quite the team. I will definitely be seeing them again!


I recently set up a session with Zumbagirl and let me be the first person to tell you that i am extremely cautious when it comes to meeting someone new. I have been doing sessions for quite a long time and have a pretty select group of individuals who i typically session with, so this was a bit of a new thing for me. Not only did she make me feel extremely comfortable, she was responsive and patient with my emails back and forth. As we got closer to the session we were even able to do a video chat which made me 100X more comfortable. All this was done prior to any money changing hands which in my opinion was amazing! Now on to the, in my opinion was the best part...the session. She arrived on time and kept in contact with me in regards to her arrival and upon meeting this gorgeous woman i was absolutely floored. Her pictures do not do her any justice, her body and physique are a million times better in person that the pictures give her credit for. I consider myself to have a pretty complex roleplay with all sorts of potentially confusing themes, not only was she completely open to everything i requested, she actually took it even further and made the roleplay that even more amazing! Her moves and trash talking were simply on point and the way she was able to mix in her sensuality into the fight absolutely set me over the edge. I would recommend this gorgeous woman to everyone and anyone who asked and I know for a fact I plan to see her as much as possible moving forward. Thank you for an amazing session and looking forward to many more!


I recently sessioned with Zumbagirl for the first time. With her long hair, pretty blue eyes and shapely legs, I was immediately distracted by this busty vixen. Her thighs are all muscle and I felt their power when they were wrapped around my head and waist in various scissor holds. She knows how to dominate a man and is good at it. She especially seemed to enjoy watching me struggle trying to get out of her headscissors, which I couldn’t. She not only made me tap out but made me verbally submit to her as well. We went back and forth between fantasy to semi competitive for two hours. She was very attentive to what type of session I wanted to ensure I had a good time. I will definitely being seeing Zumbagirl again when I’m back in the Philly area.

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