Location: PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania
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Height: 5'3‚ÄĚ - 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Curvy

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      Savvy and

Sadistically Sweet

Experience in being a Femme Domme 


Torture..ūüĒ•Please contact me a week in advance, and be prepared to leave a deposit 2 days before, or if your not sure, contact me and leave a deposit to secure a spot and if you cancel 4 days ahead of time, I will return your deposit through paypal. Thank you. ‚̧

My sessions can be as sweet as sugar or as brutal as they come, All in between tantalizes my senses, as I am an adrenaline junkie, Your pleasure is my pleasure, and I want you coming back for more....over and over. 


Real slow finger crawl

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A few days ago, I had another amazing session with Zumba Girl. The pictures of her pale in comparison to when you see her in person. Her leg scissoring should not be underestimated and her role-playing transition skills are seamless. The use of whip (in both giving and receiving) was all the more amazing while she demonstrated her passion for high heels by modeling her vast collection of said shoes. As for scheduling a session, her prompt, professional replies send a strong message that she wants you to admire her beauty and strength in person as soon as possible. Be sure to zoom over to Zumba Girl if you want a good time.


Last night I had the privilege of my first session with ZG, or Goddess as she is to me. The week leading up to it was excellent communication back and forth, so I was pretty excited walking in. I had asked for a smelly sweaty foot worship session. ZG is the real deal, she may not speak much about her experience but she is an experienced femdom and she really gets into the session and enjoys it. I walked in and saw her wearing socks covered in plastic and taped at the ankle to make them really stinky and I knew this was gonna be great. Then I was handcuffed from behind to a desk, blindfolded with a gag in my mouth. I could only use my nose and ears like a pathetic helpless worm and she pulled a chair up and starting teasing me with her potent feminine smelly feet. From there the rest of the 90 minutes went by fast it was nonstop domination, humiliation, foot worship while wearing a dog collar and leash, times I was blindfolded. She really seemed to enjoy shoving her foot in my mouth while pinning my jaw to remain pinned whixh just made me wanna worship her more. Also she gave me a nice souvenir of funky gym socks that have a very nice scent. I've done a decent amount of sessions and this was by far my favorite ever. She looks great in the pics but a smoke show when u see her in person with a great body and strong legs that can choke you out easily.

M i c h a e l

Investing in a session with a provider for the first time has some risk. One risk includes having a session that lacks chemistry. Another risk is issuing a deposit and having plans change. This was my situation with Zumba Girl. My plans changed and she offered me a refund on the entire deposit and did so without hesitation. I really appreciate the professionalism. When you consider this move along with her excellent communication skills, I am confident that there is little risk in a session with her if I am fortunate enough to have that opportunity.

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